Fan Interference
edited by
Mike Faloon and Steve Reynolds

Anthology - Paperback
200 pages
Print - $22.95 / Kindle - $5.95 / PDF - $4.95
ISBN: 978-1-938583-04-9



PRINT: $22.95

No Baseball Sale: $15.00

KINDLE - $5.95


PDF - $4.95

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Mike Faloon and Steve Reynolds would like to present Fan Interference: A Collection of Baseball Rants and Reflections from the pages of Zisk zine.

This anthology, fourteen years in the making, is filled with some of the funniest and most thought-provoking fan reflections on America's Pastime.

--Zisk is a zine for those who love baseball for its charm, history and eccentricities and not merely as something to play a fantasy league around. It's for the true fans who populate the upper deck, not the party animals in the bleachers. - Chicago Tribune

--Even though I don't like baseball, this well written baseball zine was strangely appealing. If you thought trekkies were fanatical, try baseball nerds on for size. - Quimbys

--Baseball is the most important thing in the world. It's also completely meaningless in the grand scheme of life. These guys recognize that those two philosophies can co-exist in the human brain, which makes their writing a truly electric, and all too rare, jolt to the synapses. - Deborah Sprague, Variety


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