Steady Work
Lloyd Zimpel

Short Stories - Paperback
174 pages
Print - $12.95 / PDF - $2.50
ISBN: 978-0-9827136-4-8




For over fifty years, Lloyd Zimpel has written about the trials and triumphs of the American worker. From blue collar jobs to white, from the farm to the factory floor, Zimpel has documented the American Dream through the eyes of the working class.

In Steady Work, we have collected 10 stories from one of the most important writers of working-class literature in the last half century.

“Tri-Valley Freezer”
“Question 28: How I Got Out”
“The Whereabouts of the Witness”
“Wrung Dry”
“Top Man”
“New Super”

The Author:
Lloyd Zimpel grew up and worked in the upper Midwest, later moving to California, where for many years he was with the State Fair Employment Commission. He is the author of the novels Meeting the Bear and A Season of Fire & Ice and the editor of several books on employment problems. His short stories have appeared in many anthologies, and he is a recipient of a fellowship in fiction from the National Endowment for the Arts.