Poor Souls

David LaBounty

Drama - Paperback
80 pages
Print - $5.00 / PDF $2.00
ISBN: 0-9745900-3-7


PRINT - $5.00

PDF - $2.00

Fallon is the devil who 'made you do it.' Angelic Averel is his rival for your soul. For centuries, the two have been perched on shoulders, directing people through the trials of life. Yet all that back and forth can become bothersome. So they've come up with a more civilized way to battle for souls. But will their tinkering with cosmic events cost them more than their jobs?

"Poor Souls is a thought-provoking and slyly whimsical play...not only that, it's just plain fun.

--The Humbolt Beacon

"A unique portrayal of the relationship between good and evil."