Working Stiffs
Simon Wood

A trade paperback
240 pages
$12.95 U.S.
ISBN: 0-9745900-4-5

PRINT - $12.95

The workplace can be dangerous. If the job doesn't kill you, your colleagues just might. In Working Stiffs, Simon Wood has put together a collection of suspenseful short stories along with his first novella, The Fall Guy. Each tale offers a dark look at how even ordinary jobs can turn deadly.

Working Stiffs . . . Some jobs are worth killing for.

Here's what some people are saying about Working Stiffs:

"For a lover of short stories, this collection was a full meal. Wood changes voices, demographics and plot lines like a teen changes clothes for a first date. Each story is a strong sampling of humans at their most human told with the finesse that comes from experience and a love of the genre. Simon Wood has a bright future."

Jennifer Jordan, Crime Spree Magazine (Issue #13)

"The stories are quick and mean, edited down to the bone, like the best noir fiction. His characters are believable, work-a-day (pun definitely intended) types who find themselves facing shifts in their simple lives as violence intrudes. The prose is tight, clean, and gives that sense of balance that only damn good writing can provide. Wood's humor comes through in the most peculiar ways, in dialogue and descriptive passages akin to the Mathesons, Blochs, or Hunters of old. His style will seem effortless to the reader and turn every writer green with envy."

Nickolas Cook, Hellnotes

"Warning: This book is 100% adrenalin. Wood is pure gold."

J.A. Konrath, author of Rusty Nail

"Consistently surprising and well-written, Working Stiffs proves Simon Wood is a criminal genius. We should all be glad he's writing this stuff and not doing it."

Cemetery Dance (Issue #57)