Overtime 57:
The Art of Interviewing

Forty-eight-year-old Nelson Ridley has a decent job as Executive Director of Career Services at a college in Manhattan, but he's running in place, workshopping for students the same topics semester after semester: how to prepare a cover letter and a résumé; how to dress for an interview; what to say-and to not say-during the interview (an area in which he considered himself particularly expert); and how to follow up. So, Nelson applied for a position a little outside his skillset at a more prestigious university. If he could convince the search committee that he had the requisite technical expertise, he was confident that the power of RC (Ridley Charm) would do the rest.

Peter Gregg Slater is a professor emeritus of history whose scholarship in American intellectual and cultural history is often referenced in both academic and popular publications. His poetry, fiction, parody, and essays have appeared in Dash, The Westchester Review, The Satirist, and Twentieth-Century Literature, among other publications.

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