Volume 21, Issue 4
Winter 2019

All submissions begin with one first line from Volume 16, Number 1 to Volume 20, Issue 4.

Crawl Space
by Gary Sprague
Living History
by Amy Griswold
by Lisa Friedlander
The Mark
by Tony Whitehead
Above and Below Hell's Kitchen
by Jill McLaughlin
Let There Be Cake
by M.S. Kahn
by Caitlin Cacciatore
The Fish Eat Terror
by G.F. Wilson
Mrs. Morrison Meets Death
by Tammie Painter
Problem Solving Exercises
by Ryan C. Molen
A Few More Things
by Sally Desouza
Sad Harvest
by Ave Jeanne Ventresca
Shadow Time
by Barbara J. Smith
The Last Lonely Song
by Kwan-Ann Tan
As she trudged down the alley, Cenessa saw a small Godzilla

by Ron Riekki
The Exchange
by John Staughton
Harry Potter and the Normal People
by Ginna Campbell

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