Volume 2, Issue 5
September/October 2000

Whitney Heather Yates knew she was in trouble from the moment she learned how to spell her name.

That's "W.H." to You
by Jeff Adams
The Writing on the Wall
by E. Catherine Tobler
Saying Yates
by Mary Kay Lane
Why Not?
by Margaret Lucke
Gifted Child
by Kimberley Powell
The Age of Show Business
by Clifford Turner
Knee Deep
by Kim Perrone
by Mari Whyte
Spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E
by Mary S. Johnston
by Os Davis
by Becky Brady
The Miscalculated Milestone
by Don Tisinger
Why - Part 1
by Elizabeth Tetley
How Do You Spell Amish - Part 3
by Justine Cogan
My Favorite First Line Is...
by Melissa Mead

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