Volume 1, Issue 4
November/December 1999

As the curtain rose, the scenario began to play itself out.

Exit, Stage Left
by David LaBounty
Media Rage
by Clifford Turner
Small Magic
by Kathleen Crow
A Brilliant Conspiracy
by Christopher R. Buchan
by Darlene Gibson
On the Verge of Perfection
by Dave Enders
A Tale Told By an Idio
t by Eddie Phelts
Never Again, Sam
by Kim Perrone
I Do?
by Laura Cvengros
Unwelcome Disaster
by Luke Johnson
The Recital
by Matt Miller
A Brush With the Future
by Melissa Mead
The Greenhouse Effect
by Stephen E. Blake
by Susan DeVilder
Red-Handed in the Pink
by Tracie Clayton
Pythagorean Tears
by Chris Smith
My Favorite First Line Is...
by Erik Rhey

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