Volume 2, Issue 3
May/June 2000

My father and I left on a Thursday.

Last Trip with Dad
by Jeff Adams
by Lisa Firke
Coquina Beach
by Linda Hargrove
Special Girl
by Heather Gassel-Czaja
No Escape
by Melissa Mead
Survival of the Fittest
by Kim Perrone
The Goats of Heaven
by Kristine Coblentz
Under a Zorro Moon
by Greg Wahl
Hold the Cards and Flowers
by Tracie Clayton
You Don't Know What I'm Thinking
by Laura Day
My Mom and Them
by Diana Finney
How Do You Spell Amish - Part 1
by Justine Cogan
Nothing Is Ever Random - Part 2
by Stephen E. Blake
Blind As a Bat - Part 3
by Donna Walstrom
Popsicle, Overalls, Hair Dye - Part 3
by Caroline Poon
The Real Deel - Part 3
by Victoria L. Figiel
My Favorite First Line Is...
by Sam I. Molivo

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