Volume 2, Issue 2
March/April 2000

The person on the train kept saying, "I believe," over and over and over.

The Secret of My Success
by David LaBounty
Winging It
by Lisa Firke
by Rhoda Hill
by Joe Horne
Manhattan to Queens
by Margaret Davidson
Glimmer of Hope
by John Vojtech
The End of the Line
by Bill Hayes
The Believer
by Simon Wood
The Journey Home
by Rochelle Mitchell
The Ring
by Laura Cvengros
On the Bubble
by Walter Addison March
Bright White Belief
by K. A. Boyd
Nothing Is Ever Random - Part 1
by Stephen E. Blake
Blind As a Bat - Part 2
by Donna Walstrom
Popsicle, Overalls, Hair Dye - Part 2
by Caroline Poon
The Real Deel - Part 2
by Victoria L. Figiel

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