Volume 1, Issue 2
July/August 1999

The rules are clearly spelled out in the brochure.

Deep Trouble
by David LaBounty
Body Brochure
by Allen Taylor
Beautiful Shoulders
by Joe Austin
Heavenly Rules
by Nancy Gall-Clayton
by Laura Cvengros
The Lucky Winner
by Mike Seberger
The Trip
by Margaret Wolff
Radar Gun
by Charles Rybak
Return to Sender
by Dick Brown
by Larry M. Keeton
Sometimes It Leads to This
by Joseph Horne
Food, Glorious Food
by Bruce Standley
Wish I Weren't Here
by Melissa Mead
Poor Mr. Davis
by Jeffry Prickett
Satan and a Hair Net
by Diona L. Rouse
The Man Told Me I Need a Title
by David Hogan
My Favorite First Line Is...
by Vanessa Wiley

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