Volume 2, Issue 1
January/February 2000

The picture told the entire story.

Outside the Box
by Jeff Adams
Levi and Spunk, Local Heroes
by Nicole Burris
Red Dirt
by Albert Haley
The Locket
by Chris Buchan
Tavern Clown
by Clifford Turner
The Sketch Artist
by Samir Arora
A Photo of My Dad
by Richard Lee Zuras
Caught in the Moment
by Mary C. Strench
The Colonel's Wife
by Martha Heady
The Love of His Life
by Darlene Gibson
Godly Intervention
by Chris Smith
One Thousand Words
by Kim Perrone
The Square Root of Jason + Kimber
by Suzanne Kreuziger
Blind As a Bat - Part 1
by Donna Walstrom
Popsicle, Overalls, Hair Dye - Part 1
by Caroline Poon
The Real Deel - Part 1
by Victoria L. Figiel
My Favorite First Line Is...
by Katherine Arline

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