Volume 5, Issue 3
Fall 2003

"So, all of it was just a lie?"

The List
by Kevin Wilson
And Ever Shall Be
by Diane E. Dees
It's Not About Winning, It's About Hope
by Curtis Acosta
Stanley and George
by James Anthony Mehrle, Jr.
All My Habits Are Bad
by Claudia Smith
Uncle Fish
by Joe Boylan
The Coverup
by Jeremy Gregg
In the Tenth Month Were the Tops of the Mountains Seen
by Judith Pece
Jewels and Cinders
by Melissa Mead
Attitude and Old Lace
by Connie Babb
Project M
by Steve Massart
Revenge - Part 3
by Skylar Burris
Favorite First Lines: Trite Line Opens Extraordinary Classic
by Valerie Hunter

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